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TwinCritters Handmade Wool Cat Cave Bed Review

TwinCritters Wool Cat Cave

Cats are experts when it comes to finding the perfect place for a nap. This makes sense considering that cats sleep 12 – 16 hours per day. You’d be a nap expert too if you slept for over 50% of your life.

Left to her own devices, your sleepy cat will probably curl up on a stack of newly folded towels or pile of dirty laundry. While a cat in a laundry basket is cute, you may not want her sleeping there. It may contain substances that are harmful to cats, such as paints or residues of certain foods.

Sometimes the easiest way to keep your cat from sleeping in places you would like to remain fur-free is to coax her away with a better option. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider getting a cat bed. Giving your cat a comfortable sleeping option means that she is slightly less likely to sleep in inconvenient places. She may still flop down all over the place, but she’s more likely to take her extended cat naps in a common location.

Choosing the Best Cat Bed

So you’d like to get a cat bed for your cat now, huh? The next question you’ll need to ask yourself is, “What kind?”

There are mats, traditional beds, window ledges, combination cat furniture/beds, and countless other varieties of spaces for your cat to lay its fuzzy little head. But how do we pick which one to go with?

The simplest way to pick a cat bed that your cat will use is to look at the types of places your cat sleeps currently and pick a cat bed that closely resembles those. When choosing a place to sleep, cats prefer a location that they feel is safe. Many cats like to be fully enclosed when sleeping, offering a sense of protection. As a result, you’ll often find cats sleeping inside of open suitcases, laundry baskets, and cupboards.

Sleeping cats love their privacy. Pet bed manufacturers know this, and they have incorporated this innate desire to be curled up inside of something into their designs.

The result? Cat caves!

Cat caves are exactly what they sound like: tiny caves for cats to curl up in. Many of them resemble a sort of kitty cat cocoon. They can come in several different shapes and sizes, but all of them contain an inner cavity for your cat to disappear into the moment you say the word “vet.”

TwinCritters Handmade Wool Cat Cave Bed

TwinCritters Handmade Wool Cat Cave Beds are made up of 100% merino wool imported from New Zealand, and no harmful chemicals are used in their production. TwinCritters is an environmentally conscious company. As a result, the cat cave production process is eco-friendly, and the caves are made using sustainable, renewable materials.

Each cat cave is handmade in Khatmandu, Nepal!

HEY! That’s the place the site is named after!

Photo Source: https://www.twincritters.com

Cat Cave Specifications
  • Weight: 1.0 – 2.6 lbs (varies based on design)
  • Length: 20”
  • Height: 12”
  • Opening Width: 9”



The cave shape is irresistible to cats. The bed manages to remain both compact and spacious, giving your cat room to lie down but also enough enclosure to feel secure. The structure is firm enough that it doesn’t collapse in on itself, but flexible enough that it can be flattened into a mat. It’s also strong enough to stand the occasional rabbit kick from a couple of squabbling cats.

If your cat isn’t too crazy about going inside the cat cave, it can be flattened and used as an open-topped cat bed. A lot of cats actually prefer the TwinCritters cat cave in its mat form, but it’s worth experimenting with both to see which your cat likes best.


One of the coolest things about the TwinCritters cat cave is that there are over 15 different designs to choose from.

You can go with something classic and basic:

Something fun and colorful:


The variety is staggering.


The TwinCritters’ cat cave is not the cheapest cat cave on the market. But it’s also not prohibitively expensive, coming in at under $100. Part of the cost goes towards high-quality merino wool, which your cats will no doubt thank you for. The cat cave is also well-constructed, so you won’t have to replace it after only a year like you would with a cheaper model.

Another factor to consider when evaluating the cost of the TwinCritters cat cave is its production. The product is made from sustainable components and is produced using a 100% eco-friendly process. These cat caves are produced by a socially-conscious company that wants to make unique, high-quality cat caves while also limiting the impact on the environment due to their production. It’s nice to know that you aren’t receiving something that has been mass produced using harsh chemicals and cheap materials.


This cat cave scores points for its ability to convert back and forth between a cave and a mat. The cave is strong enough to hold its shape, but it isn’t too difficult to flatten it into a mat. It’s certainly nice knowing that your cat isn’t going to have to dig itself out of the cave after the walls come tumbling down during a brief nap.

The TwinCritters cat cave is constructed of high quality materials, meaning it will last you for quite a while. It’s also fairly easy to maintain since it doesn’t have to do much besides sitting there and letting your cat sleep on it. Plus there are a ton of design options to choose from, so you can match your cat cave to your cat’s unique personality.


Some cats simply aren’t into caves. Fortunately, TwinCritters has them covered with its convertible mat option. Wool is also a fur-magnet, but your cat’s bed is going to be matted with a layer of fur regardless of the type of material.

Final Verdict

Based on our rating system here at Mr. Catmandu, the TwinCritters Handmade Wool Cat Cave Bed scores a 9.3 / 10.0. This is definitely a cat bed you should check out!